Medical Staff Directory

Medical Staff Directory

Mia Nuñez, PhD

Clinical Supervisor

Mia Nuñez, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and clinical supervisor of Rogers Behavioral Health’s Eating Disorder Recovery child and adolescent residential and inpatient care as well as The OCD, Anxiety, and Depression Center adolescent residential care. In this role Dr. Nuñez facilitates the provision of exposure and response prevention therapy and other empirically supported treatments to patients with eating disorders, OCD, depression, and a variety of co-occurring conditions.

After graduating with highest honors from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Dr. Nuñez went on to earn her master’s and PhD in clinical psychology from Northwestern University. She then completed her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral hours at Rogers Behavioral Health in Oconomowoc.

Along with her clinical interest in evidence-based treatment, Dr. Nuñez is active in research involving novel methods of enhancing exposure therapy and related topics.

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