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As one of the largest multi-specialty behavioral health practices in the U.S., our patients have a care team committed to their individual road to success.

Our team is backed by strong medical and clinical leadership in a private, non-academic setting. More than 75 board-certified psychiatrists and 40 psychologists, are part of a medical staff of nearly 150 who are specialists in mental health and addiction who work as a team and partner with a premier multidisciplinary group of behavioral specialists, nurses, therapists, and dietitians.

Gabrielle Jones, PhD

Clinical Services Supervisor, Psychologist

Gabrielle Jones, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who works as the clinical services supervisor for Rogers Behavioral Health’s San Francisco East Bay clinic. She specializes in addiction medicine and co-occurring treatment for adults and adolescents, as well as general mental health diagnoses for adults and adolescents.

Dr. Jones graduated with a Bachelor of Science in psychology from California State University, Long Beach. She earned her Master of Science and PhD in Educational Psychology from the College of Education, Health, and Aviation, Oklahoma State University. She completed her post-doctoral residency in addiction medicine and child, family, and adolescent mental health at Kaiser Permanente. While there, Dr. Jones developed two adolescent co-occurring programs that incorporated family involvement.

She serves as board chair for a non-profit in the East Bay area that services the re-entry population and their families. She is also on the California Psychological Association board and membership board for the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Jones is a member of the Association of Black Psychologists and American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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