Medical Staff Directory

Medical Staff Directory

Colleen M. Drosdeck, PsyD

Attending Psychologist

A licensed clinical psychologist, Colleen M. Drosdeck, serves as the attending psychologist for children and adolescents at Rogers Behavioral Health in Kenosha. A graduate of the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Drosdeck helps children and adolescents with a range of physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. Her approach focuses on using individual strengths and building rapport through a cognitive behavioral, strength-based approach.

Dr. Drosdeck is a member of the American Psychological Association and has worked in diverse mental health settings, including Rogers in West Allis, where she facilitated specialized groups focusing on symptoms associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, trauma, alcohol and other drug abuse, and externalizing/internalizing individuals. Additionally, she has assisted with mediation and parent coordination, individual and family therapy, mental status exams and one-on-one in-home therapy for autistic children. Prior to joining Rogers, Dr. Drosdeck assisted with forensic evaluations. These taught her to communicate with a variety of professionals, a skill integral to her role at Rogers as she works with families, schools, professionals and community organizations to help provide the tools children and adolescents need.

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