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Rogers Specialists to Present at the 22nd Annual OCD Conference

Posted on 07/21/15 11:43:am


(Oconomowoc, Wis. and Boston, Mass.) This summer, seven specialists from Rogers Behavioral Health will present at theInternational OCD Foundation (IOCDF)(link is external) 22nd Annual OCD Conference. The event will take place in Boston, Mass., from July 31- August 2. Rogers clinicians speaking at the conference include: Stephanie Eken, MD, regional medical director; Jerry Halverson, MD, medical director, Oconomowoc, and FOCUS; David Jacobi, PhD, clinical supervisor; Amy Mariaskin, PhD, clinical director-Nashville; Sue McKenzie, MA, Rogers InHealth; Bradley Riemann, PhD, clinical director, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Center; and Eric Storch, PhD, clinical director-Tampa Bay.

The Annual OCD Conference is the only national meeting focused on OCD and related disorders, since the first conference in 1993. This year, the conference will showcase more than 100 presentations, workshops, seminars, and 36 evening activities and support groups. Specialists from Rogers will not only benefit from the insight of some of the country’s most informed clinicians, but they will get to share their knowledge as well.

The topics and schedule(link is external) of Rogers’ speakers are as follows:

  • July 31, Jerry Halverson, MD, and Bradley Riemann, PhD, presenting: Multimodal Approaches for Difficult to Treat OCD

  • July 31, Amy Mariaskin, PhD, presenting: Monsters on a Bus: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Kids

  • July 31, Eric Storch, PhD, presenting: Research Updates in Pediatric OCD

  • August 1, Stephanie Eken, MD, and David Jacobi, PhD, presenting: Pediatric OCD and Eating Disorders: An ERP Approach

  • August 2, Sue McKenzie, MA, presenting: ‘I Have OCD’: A Framework for the Daily Decisions about Disclosing your OCD

“The conference provides a great opportunity for myself and other specialists from Rogers to learn about new OCD research and methods which can be applied to our treatment plans at Rogers. We can also share our own experiences and suggestions with others in the field. What’s most important is that we are having a valuable discussion about OCD and making progress hand in hand,” says Riemann, who also serves as the clinical director of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Services at Rogers.

Rogers’ Role in the Industry

Rogers Behavioral Health is not only the world’s largest provider of anxiety disorders treatment for children, adolescents and adults, but the hospital’s Child and Adolescent Centers are the oldest ones of their kind in the country. Rogers Adult OCD Center is one of only a few currently available in the United States. Rogers and IOCDF are frequent collaborators promoting the education, advocacy and treatment of those with OCD and related anxiety disorders. By increasing awareness of these disorders, the IOCDF and Rogers make it known that treatment options are available, even for those with severe symptoms.

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