Rogers Behavioral Health fills need for bilingual care with new Miami clinic

Posted on 02/18/19 01:48:pm

(Miami, FL) – Rogers Behavioral Health, a leading nationwide, not-for-profit provider of behavioral health services, has expanded its presence in Florida with a new clinic in Miami at 5805 Blue Lagoon Dr. in the Waterford at Blue Lagoon corporate park. Based in Wisconsin, Rogers now has locations in seven states, including a clinic in Tampa that opened in 2014.

The Miami clinic is now offering treatment options for children, teens, and adults challenged by obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, and general mental health.

Bilingual mental health services

Recognizing the diverse South Florida population, Rogers is committed to not only offering bilingual (English and Spanish) treatment, but ensuring that staff members understand the variety of cultures present and how to most effectively communicate with and support a diverse population of patients, families and caregivers.

Innovative, nationally-recognized programs for OCD and Anxiety

Rogers offers some of the most comprehensive programs for OCD and depression in the country, the two most common mental health issues. Leaders in psychiatry and psychology across the Rogers system treat more patients daily for OCD than any other behavioral health provider, and FOCUS programs offer clinically-effective treatment of depression, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders.

Rogers’ evidence-based approach includes a mix of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure and response prevention, behavioral activation, and dialectical behavior therapy-informed skills.

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Rogers’ new Miami location offers spe­cialized services for patients in need of the next level of outpatient care. All patients have access to a board-certified psychiatrist and a multidisciplinary team of mental health experts. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) will be available, and intensive outpatient programs will be added as appropriate after opening.

In addition, Rogers plans to offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, cutting-edge treatment major depressive disorder and OCD and anxiety.

Additional programs are also being considered for addiction, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other behavioral health conditions based on community need.

“The need in South Florida is great for the type of specialized behavioral health services we offer,” says Pat Hammer, CEO and president of Rogers Behavioral Health. “Offering more convenient access to this type of care as a complement to existing local services really makes a difference for the people we serve.”

Bilingual and culturally competent providers for diverse patients

Behavioral disorders in general, across multiple cultures, are often associated with stigma and shame. In addition to bilingual treatment, Rogers is committed to working through the obstacles that arise out of the experience of mental health challenges and working to assist all communities in utilizing the strengths and values within their unique cultures to overcome and heal from any mental health challenges. 

“It’s not enough to just provide bilingual providers anymore,” explained Marcia Rabinowits, PsyD, clinical director for the new Miami facility. “Our staff understand the challenges of not only treating our diverse patients, but also equipping their families and loved ones with an understanding of behavioral disorders and offering the support they might not receive from their own communities.”

Dr. Rabinowits received her Doctor of Clinical Psychology from Spalding University–School of Professional Psychology. Prior to joining Rogers, Dr. Rabinowits worked for McLean Hospital – OCD Institute and was a psychology instructor at Harvard Medical School and an assistant psychologist at McLean Hospital. She is joined by two onsite psychiatrists, Brad Berger, MD and Alicia Garcete Guaps, MD, providing patients with immediate access to psychiatric care.

Potential patients, families, or referring providers can call 844-468-9696 or make a referral online at to request a free screening. 

Call 800-767-4411 or go to to request a free screening.