Mood disorders program for teens now available at Rogers Behavioral Health–Nashville

Posted on 03/21/17 05:00:am

(Nashville, Tenn.) For someone age 12 to 17, feelings of depression and hopelessness can interfere with life in general. Getting motivated to even get out of bed can be difficult. To family and friends, you’re just not acting like yourself. And you know you’re not the person you once were or the person you want to be.

Rogers Behavioral Health–Nashville is now offering its FOCUS intensive outpatient program for adolescents age 12 to 17 facing depression, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders. Though the first program to treat mood disorders at Rogers–Nashville, it is part of a spectrum of services offered at locations in Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois and Minnesota.

“Adolescents are among one of the most susceptible populations to depression and other mood disorders. Developmentally, they often lack adequate tools to manage changes in mood. We’re pleased to offer the FOCUS program to Nashville and its surrounding communities, an area where similar treatment options are limited,” says Vikram Gopal, MD, Rogers–Nashville child and adolescent psychiatrist with the program.

This specialized day treatment lasts three hours a day from 3 to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Programming is based on a variety of behavioral therapies which help reduce mood disorder symptoms. This includes a foundation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral activation and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)-informed skills. These help individuals gain the structure they need and skills and techniques to build a healthy foundation for adulthood. Individual, group and family sessions are part of the treatment plan.

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