Adults Over 30 New Focus of Residential Program for Mood Disorders

Posted on 11/30/15 12:47:pm


(Oconomowoc, WI) With the success of a young adult track firmly in place, Rogers Behavioral Health is now accepting adults age 30 and older to its FOCUS residential program for treatment of depression and other mood disorders.

“We have been gratified to see the impact this intensive, highly structured treatment program for young adults has had since we opened in early 2014. It soon became clear that this structure and approach could just as easily benefit the older adult,” says Jerry Halverson, MD, medical director of the program who recognized this as a gap in care that Rogers could address with the initial program for young adults age 18 to 30.

The FOCUS program on the Rogers Memorial Hospital campus in Oconomowoc recently moved to a newly renovated facility renamed the Charles E. Kubly FOCUS Center. Capacity increased from 24 to 32 beds, allowing for separate space for and admission of adults over age 30.

Men and women who would be good candidates for this program may struggle to consistently meet work or family demands due to their symptoms, such as isolation and avoidance related to depression and anxiety, substance use, self-harm behaviors, or thoughts of suicide. The adults over 30 follow the same treatment, but in a separate track from the younger adults. Average length of stay is expected to be 45 to 60 days.

“These are really complex cases, and there wasn’t much out there for this age group. We have seen our own inpatients who could have benefitted from this type of program and have had referring providers request care, but until now, we have not had a program for it. We’re confident our model treats depression and mood disorders well, and it’s not limited to a certain age group,” says Halverson.

Screenings for potential admission to the FOCUS program are available by calling 800-767-4411. The FOCUS program for depression and other mood disorders is one of seven residential programs in Oconomowoc offering intensive, in-depth, evidence-based care at Rogers.

Call 800-767-4411 or go to to request a free screening.