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Make a difference and jumpstart your career as a Residential Care Specialist

Posted on 07/27/21 12:51:pm


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Rogers’ residential care has been helping people of all ages and backgrounds rise above their mental health and addiction challenges for more than a century. Patients focus on their recovery during long-term stays and intensive therapy in a safe and comfortable home-like setting.

Residential care specialists interact with patients every day and play an important role on the multidisciplinary treatment team.

“We are the go-to for anything patients need during the day,” says Justin, who started his mental health career as a residential care specialist in Oconomowoc. “It’s a great starting point for anybody who wants to go into mental health.”

After gaining experience as a residential care specialist, he continued his mental health career path as a Behavior Specialist and is now a Rogers Operating System Deployment Leader.

Hear more from Justin about the most fulfilling part of his job as a residential care specialist in the video above.

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