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Residential counselors: providing teamwork, care, and support.

Be a key part of our treatment programs where you’ll interact directly with patients and help them develop new skills to move toward greater independence.

At Rogers we have a long history of providing residential care. Offering evidence-based treatment for children, teens, and adults, our nine residential programs are internationally recognized for outcomes and quality care. Patients stay between 30 and 90 days.

Our residential counselors are a key part of every program, working within an interdisciplinary team supporting patients. On the front line of care, residential counselors interact directly with our patients—helping them develop new skills and move toward greater independence.

Collaborating with psychiatrists, nurses, and other residential counselors, this is a role with visible and rewarding results. It’s also a multi-faceted role where residential counselors make a direct impact as they assist with overseeing residents’ care, along with the programming, activities, and outings designed to meet their specific needs.

This is an opportunity to develop and progress in a mental health career with the potential to make a lasting impact by supporting patients. Working with treatment experts, residential counselors can provide clear insights to the team while learning about different diagnoses and treatment plans, including cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies.

Our residential counselor roles are often suited for new graduates with a degree in psychology or human services, or with experience in behavioral health. It’s also a role that requires patience, compassion, a perceptive nature, and a positive outlook.

Rogers expanding residential programs in 2019

To serve more of those who are struggling with their mental health, Rogers is expanding our residential programs in Oconomowoc and West Allis, Wisconsin in 2019. We’ll be hiring additional residential counselors as we expand capacity to treat nearly 100 more people a day for a total of nearly 300 in our residential programs. Learn more and apply today.


Hear from some of our residential counselors

Emily–Residential Counselor
Justin–Residential Counselor

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