How Rogers uses data to develop specialized patient care

Posted on 05/06/22 09:36:am


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For decades, Rogers Behavioral Health has been the leader in using patient outcome data to drive the advancement of evidence-based mental healthcare. Starting at admission, continuing throughout treatment and after discharge, Rogers collects, assesses, and uses this outcome data to make real-time decisions regarding treatment plans and in the long-term to innovate informed protocols.

In the video above, Brad E. R. Smith, MD, psychiatrist, medical director for Rogers' Oconomowoc campus and Eating Disorder Recovery explains how that data is used to develop individualized treatment plans for patients struggling with a mental health disorder.

“Through outcome-measured data, we can help patients see their progress, and that gives them hope and the motivation to continue the work they’re doing,” Dr. Smith says.

Click the video above to learn more how real-time data drives patient care.

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