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Treating mental health disorders in kids on the autism spectrum

Posted on 01/07/19 10:40:am Treating mental health in kids with ASD


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Many parents of kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been on a lengthy journey to come to a diagnosis and find the right resources to help their children.

Dr. Josh Nadeau, PhD, is a firm believer that parents know their children best, but says it can be hard to sort out the attributes of autism from mental health conditions that may require a different kind of treatment.  

It’s estimated that as many as 70% of kids with ASD have at least one mental health disorder, and 40 to 50% have two or more conditions with anxiety being the most common. Many parents say it can be difficult to get to the right diagnosis.

Rogers’ program for children and teens on the autism spectrum offers a treatment team with a deep understanding not only of OCD, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, but also of ASD and how to address behaviors typical of autism when treating mental health concerns.

The program also provides support for parents including education and tools they can use to be more effective in their interactions with their kids.

Rogers’ outpatient mental health program for ASD is available in Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Tampa. Kids and teens with high functioning autism participate in cognitive behavioral therapy and related techniques, including exposure therapy and behavioral activation. To learn more, visit the ASD program page on or call 800-767-4411.

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