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A mental health discussion for Boys and Men of Color Month: live Q&A

Posted on 12/01/21 02:32:pm


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Mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or class. However, people of color often face greater rates of mental illness and substance use due to increased stigma, a lack of cultural understanding from healthcare providers, and other barriers.

For Milwaukee’s celebration of Boys and Men of Color Month, Rogers hosted a live Q&A to discuss how mental health affects people of color and what can be done to help eliminate stigma.

The event included three short vignettes with actors from the play Pieces: In My Own Voice, who demonstrated what it is like for someone to experience PTSD, schizophrenia, and suicidal ideations. Joining the three actors was host and local mental health advocate Montrèal Cain and Las Vegas Raiders defensive tackle Solomon Thomas.

Solomon, who lost his sister to suicide in 2018, shared his reaction to the vignettes and detailed his own personal mental health journey.

“The process for my recovery after my sister died by suicide wasn’t an easy one,” Solomon said. “I felt the stigma against mental health. I felt the stigma of being a Black man and expressing my mental health. I didn’t ask for help for about six months because I didn’t want to look weak. I didn’t think people would understand my feelings, and they would take it as an excuse for not good performance on the field—not being fully present as a human being.”

Hear more from Solomon and the other panelists in the video above.

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