What To Expect

Getting started
Our admissions team can answer your questions and help you begin the…
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Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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Where to stay
Ask for the Rogers rate at these hotels while you visit your loved one.
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Glossary of terms
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Insurance and financing your care
If you're worried about how to cover the cost of care, we can help you…
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What to bring
We have a general list of items you or your loved one will need during the…
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Twila's Story

Even after a major surgery and $30,000 worth of dental work to repair her body's damage, she still didn't believe her eating disorder was a ... Read More

Find a program

View our complete listing of treatment options available at every Rogers location.

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Levels of care

We provide specialized care for mental health and addiction, with the benefit of multiple levels of care. 

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We have experienced, multidisciplinary teams across the country who are ready to help. 

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Call 800-767-4411 or go to rogersbh.org to request a free screening.