Real stories

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Jake's Story

With his treatment team, he could go beyond the surface of his addiction and address the trauma ...

Twila's Story

Even after a major surgery and $30,000 worth of dental work to repair her body's damage, she ...

Mary's Story

“Every day—every moment— in treatment was a new experience and my life continues to be a ...

Riley's Story

When Riley Tino is diagnosed with OCD, it not only affects him but his entire family. The story of ...

Rachel's Story

Scrupulosity, a form of OCD, overcame Rachel after a traumatic event.

Katie's Story

Katie wins her life back from OCD with her therapist.

Sumi's Story

Sumi tells his story of bullying and OCD and his recovery.

Bailey's Story

Bailey's recovery includes helping young girls with OCD.

Christopher's Story

Christopher discusses his experience with OCD and his own message of hope for himself and others.

Cammy's Story

See how Cammy learned to work with her mood disorder

Lauren's Story

Recovery with eating disorder, bipolar disorder and addiction.

John's Story

John finally accepted his alcoholism and changed his life.

Meggie's Story

Meggie shares her path of recovery from early trauma.

Brittany's Story

Eating disorder and addiction overcome through hard work.

Denise's Story

Hear Denise's joy in recovery with OCD and Eating Disorder.

Jenna's Story

“It felt like I was with a group of girls who were the same as me with similar ...