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As one of the largest multi-specialty behavioral health practices in the U.S., our patients have a care team committed to their individual road to success.

Our team is backed by strong medical and clinical leadership in a private, non-academic setting. More than 75 board-certified psychiatrists and 40 psychologists, are part of a medical staff of nearly 150 who are specialists in mental health and addiction who work as a team and partner with a premier multidisciplinary group of behavioral specialists, nurses, therapists, and dietitians.

Sheldon Garrison, PhD

Research Scientist

Sheldon Garrison, Ph.D. is a Research Scientist at Rogers Behavioral Health. Dr. Garrison has more than 15 years of experience in health care, the pharmaceutical and life science industries, and academia. His research is focused on understanding genetic involvement in psychiatric disorders and how those genes influence treatment response for affected patients.

Prior to joining Rogers, Dr. Garrison’s research focused on developing treatments for rare and genetic diseases, as well as speeding the time to diagnosis. He has published and received National Institutes of Health and foundational funding in the areas of neuroscience, rare disease health care economics, genetics, drug development, pain, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, scleroderma, cold weather injury, Huntington’s disease, trichotillomania, and sickle cell disease. His pioneering research has also resulted in the granting of two U.S. Food and Drug Administration Orphan Drug Designations. Dr. Garrison currently serves as on multiple boards and scientific advisory committees, including the Rare Disease Advisory Council for the State of Wisconsin. In his free time, Dr. Garrison is an Assistant Coach for the Marquette University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team and is a multi-time champion in the sport.

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