Medical Staff Directory

Medical Staff Directory

Eddie Tomaich, PhD

Manager of Operations, OCD and Anxiety Center Children’s, Adolescent, and Adult Residential Care

As manager, operations for the OCD and Anxiety Center Children's Residential Care, OCD and Anxiety Center Adolescent Residential Care, and the OCD and Anxiety Adult Residential Care, Eddie Tomaich, PhD, finds his experience in family-based therapy has made him well-versed in providing intensive, comprehensive care.

Previously a lead therapist for community-based youth and family services, Dr. Tomaich’s goal now as manager for the Focus Depression Recovery Care for adolescents is to offer your teen and your family the skills you need to be healthy. “Family plays a vital role in ensuring that adolescents can be successful when they leave Rogers and I hope to actively involve them in the healing process,” he says.

Dr. Tomaich explains that this program builds upon your teen’s existing skills to help empower him or her. “By providing each adolescent with the techniques to overcome life’s challenges, we know they will be better prepared to manage what the future has in store for them."

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