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Updated 2023 annual performance reviews open through May 31

05/16/23 03:00:pm

All employees will find their NEW 2023 Annual Performance Review within Rogers University. If you have any questions, please utilize the resources attached and below, or contact Talent Development for more information.

IMPORTANT: The timeline for completion of all steps remains the same! Please adhere to the schedule below.

May 18 May 31

  • Self‐review period.
  • As soon as a self‐review is saved and submitted, managers may access the review for action. All reviews will advance on June 1, regardless of status.

June 1 July 24

  • Manager Reviews, follow through discussions with teammates and verification.

July 25 July 31

  • Employee final verification and digital signature.
  • Performance review period ends July 31.

For those with a previously started review (self or manager) that wish to save and transfer their work to the new one, please do so by May 26 by following the standard work. There is no requirement to re-type, simply upload the saved document and reference it in the new review. You may add any additional comments to the new review as desired.


  • As needed, you may “re-open” a Self-Review step for any team member needing assistance after June 1, as appropriate.
  • Please utilize your 2023 Annual Performance Reviews dashboard to track and maintain progress by clicking HERE. A dashboard refresh is required during each review of information to ensure accuracy of reporting.

Note: Any employee hired on or after February 1, 2023, will complete their introductory review in lieu of an annual review.

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