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September’s top social posts

10/17/23 04:00:pm
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Each weekday, Rogers’ social media team features recovery stories, team photos, videos, and more. Below, check out the top posts on each of our platforms:

  • Everyone loves team spirit: Photos of #TeamRogers enjoying the scenic beauty of the Milwaukee River and harbor and coming together for a lunch cookout garnered the most engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Change of the seasons: Video footage of the beautiful fall foliage from our Oconomowoc campus generated the most likes on Instagram.
  • Find information and motivation on TikTok: Content around National Recovery Month and Suicide Prevention Day, hopeful words from our patients, and informational tips to kick off the school year were highlighted on TikTok. The top post of the month shared the signs a student may be struggling with school refusal.


Don’t forget to follow Rogers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and X (Twitter) and interact with our posts on each platform. If you’d like to see your team featured on our pages, be sure to:

  • Take clear photos during team events.
  • Ask everyone in the picture(s) if they’re comfortable with the photos being shared externally and possibly internally.
  • Email photos@rogersbh.org and include a description of the photos(s). Please attach the original photo files.

Additional tips for joining the fun can be found in the social media tip sheet.

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