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Rogers completes successful Joint Commission survey

08/10/22 11:03:am

Thanks to the hard work, preparation, and collaboration of our teams across the System, Rogers successfully completed our Joint Commission survey in late July.

“It was a really positive experience, and employees were very engaged,” says Steve Hertig, vice president, Regulatory Affairs. “There was a lot of work done in the background, and it was impressive to see how well it came together.”

The Joint Commission conducts unannounced onsite surveys at Rogers, and all other healthcare organizations seeking to earn and maintain accreditation, every three years.

Surveyors assess Rogers’ compliance with Joint Commission standards and provide education and best practice guidance to help our teams continually improve performance.

During this most recent visit that took place from July 26 through 29, surveyors described Rogers as a “high reliability” organization, according to Steve.

The Joint Commission commended our evidence-based practices, data collection, the use of our Rogers Operating System, medication administration, suicide risk prevention program, and system-wide consistency.

“Our employees were all invested in achieving a positive outcome, and everyone coalesced around being one big team,” says Steve of the participants throughout the survey.

As for areas of improvement, Steve says Rogers is working to implement some changes to aspects related to documentation, the environment of care, and emergency management. The Regulatory Affairs team also plans to begin mock surveys again in October to prepare for the upcoming state licensing surveys and remain Joint Commission-ready in all programs.

“We want to keep the momentum going and continue to work with everyone to ensure we stay survey-ready at all times,” Steve says. “We thank everyone who contributed to a successful survey, and we look forward to continuing that hard work with everyone over the next three years.”

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