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Reflecting on the impact of the Ladish Co. Foundation Center’s first year

08/10/22 11:10:am

Since opening its doors in August 2021, the Ladish Co. Foundation Center has served as a restorative and stigma-free gathering space for Rogers’ patients, their families, and community members on the Oconomowoc campus.

On Tuesday, August 16, employees will celebrate the Ladish Center’s one-year anniversary with an open house featuring a free scoop of Milwaukee’s Scratch Ice Cream and birthday bingo. The event takes place from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Contact Sloan.Butler@rogersbh.org with any questions.

The Ladish Center has been making a difference in the lives of families and team members over the past year.

Ronald McDonald Family Room®

Family Room.jpgOpen to families residing at Ronald McDonald House Charities® Eastern Wisconsin as well as other Rogers’ families, the Family Room has had nearly 4,500 total visits and has served more than 450 families.

“I have the honor of witnessing the power of family-centered care each and every day,” says Kelly Levenhagen, Family Room manager. “Parents connecting with each other and reaffirming that they’re not alone, children of all ages filling the Family Room with laughter and fun, and patients enjoying a sense of normalcy and seeing that their loved ones are also being taken care of. We hope families will look back on their time together while their loved one was in treatment and have positive and happy memories.”

Families also often express their gratitude.

“My daughter and I enjoyed being able to hang out together in a beautiful place, eat and drink together without the tally running up, and get laundry done.”

“I was able to relax, to run, to recharge without the burden of ‘where to go’ or sitting in a public cafe. When feeling stressed, it was a GODSEND to know I could come here and just be - be comfortable and comforted.”

“Staff and volunteers were wonderful. I could not imagine a nicer environment.”

“So helpful to have a place to be, especially before things open, when we have time together but not enough to go do something else. The art room is a favorite - so appreciate how much variety there is and accessibility of all supplies.”

“I didn’t fully understand or appreciate the value of this supportive environment until visiting. I used the Quiet Room to participate in a parent education session, which helps me support my child in treatment.”

“The room had a profound effect on our ability to connect with our son.”

“Wonderful opportunity for my four children and me to join together for our annual family tradition of building gingerbread houses in your beautiful, noninstitutional setting.”

You can take a virtual, interactive tour of the Family Room by clicking here.

Photo Aug 12, 11 40 18 AM.jpgSpiritual care

The Ladish Center, home to Spiritual Care services, a meditation garden, and the Tadross Family Chapel, had 128 people attend religious services over the last year.

Christine Dawley, manager of Spiritual Care, shares the following quote from a visitor.

“The chapel library is amazing and there are so many great books in there.”


Support groups

Photo Aug 12, 11 40 15 AM.jpgThe Ladish Center hosts many support groups, with nearly 2,500 member visits since opening last August.

Below, an AA support group member shares his gratitude.

The Ladish Center has provided a huge boost and sense of excitement for the recovery community and meetings associated with Rogers. The facility is perfect to accommodate our large AA meetings and attendees consistently love the ambience, the space for breakouts, and perks like coffee, improved parking, etc. As an alumnus of Herrington Center for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, I am personally grateful we have such a tremendous facility to continue to encourage connection and recovery for patients, alumni, and guests.”

In addition to these meaningful services, the Ladish Center is home to the Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation and Rogers Research Center. It was made possible by donor funding through the Foundation. Visit the Ladish Co. Foundation Center page on Rogers Connect to learn more.

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