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New MHAR state licensing requirements now in effect

10/12/22 12:45:pm

~ By Steve Hertig, vice president, Regulatory Affairs

Thank you to the Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Value Stream and all our team members for their work in implementing the new Wisconsin DHS 75 requirements that took effect on October 1.

Affecting all state healthcare providers certified under Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 75, the changes pertain to how Rogers delivers treatment throughout all levels of care in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery care in Wisconsin.

An overview of the new rules are as follows:

All levels of care

  • New Cerner documentation was developed to streamline entries and eliminate duplication.


  • Each patient’s master treatment plan must be reviewed daily and include an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level of care determination.
  • Providers need to complete discharge summaries within two treatment days opposed to within 15 treatment days.


  • All assessments must be completed on the first day of admission.
  • Treatment plans need to be updated weekly and include an ASAM level of care determination.
  • Treatment services from a substance use counselor increased from 12 to 20 hours per week.


  • Treatment planning assessment deadlines increased from two to three days to allow for more time to learn about the patient.
  • Subsequently, the master treatment plan must be completed by the fourth day.

Please visit the Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Update intranet page for updates, resources, and the latest news.

This month, the Compliance team has also resumed conducting mock surveys throughout all levels of care across the Rogers system. Members of our team will aim to spend one to two days onsite at each location every quarter.

We look forward to your continued collaboration, and we thank you for doing your part to ensure Rogers’ compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, as well as Joint Commission and ASAM standards.

For any questions, please email me directly at Steven.Hertig@rogersbh.org or contact our department at compliance@rogersbh.org.

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