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Maeve O’Neill sets regulatory strategy to ensure quality, safety of Rogers’ care

06/14/21 10:20:am

Maeve.jpgMaeve O’Neill, chief regulatory officer, oversees Rogers’ Regularly Compliance Department. Maeve joined Rogers in February 2020, just before the pandemic began and has been working diligently to build the Compliance program to support all Rogers’ departments. She has more than 30 years of experience in behavioral health, including 10 years in direct service with all populations, a decade in management in all levels of care, and 10 years in executive leadership.

In her role, Maeve works with Rogers’ Board of Directors, leadership, and Compliance team to strategically plan, design, implement, maintain, and monitor enterprise compliance and ethics functions. She ensures risks are assessed and operationalized on an annual work plan to engage staff, empower teams, and enhance an organizational culture of quality and safe care. Maeve also enjoys contributing to the behavioral health industry by writing articles and conducting conference presentations on compliance best practices.

Please contact Maeve at maeve.oneill@rogersbh.org with any questions. You may also email the Compliance team at compliance@rogersbh.org or call the Compliance helpline at 262-646-1303 to report any issues.

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