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How Regulatory Compliance’s roadmap sets Rogers up for success

01/18/22 03:10:pm

~ By Maeve O’Neill, Chief Regulatory Officer

In order to support Rogers’ Mission, Vision, and Values, the Regulatory Compliance team provides a comprehensive program, plan, and processes to ensure quality and safe care. This starts with our employees being ethical in all activities.

Our team is committed to supporting all departments in their daily work to meet ethical guidelines and address any risk areas. One of the ways we do this is with a clear roadmap to ethics and compliance that relies on the awareness of our own vulnerability of the ethical challenges in our industry, as well as utilizing resilience tools to overcome such challenges.

For instance, we integrated the evidence and research-based curriculum from Brené Brown called Dare to Lead in our program to help guide us. She encourages us to use the Theodore Roosevelt quote about the arena to guide our courage and leadership.

Compliace quote.jpg

We cannot achieve regulatory compliance without your help. Thank you to our diligent employees for doing their part to ensure quality and safe care and for informing us of any incidents related to ethics.

We are excited to be in the arena with all our employees and providers!

Please contact us at compliance@rogersbh.org or 262-646-1303 with any questions or to report an issue.

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