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Get to know Steve Hertig, Rogers’ privacy officer

04/16/21 04:36:pm

Steve Hertig (1).jpgDid you know we have a dedicated privacy officer on our Regulatory Compliance team?

Steve Hertig, executive director of compliance, is the privacy officer for all Rogers programs. Last year, he achieved his Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC). 

In his role, Steve works to protect patient, staff, and company information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or interruption to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. This includes overseeing privacy policies, procedures, and standards; privacy risk management; physical privacy; and privacy education and awareness. Steve handles all privacy incident reports and actively engages with patients, family members, referents, and staff who may be impacted by any privacy breaches.

Compliance graphic.jpg

We are fortunate to have Steve and his expertise on our Regulatory Compliance team. Please email him at steven.hertig@rogersbh.org with any questions, and contact Regulatory Compliance at compliance@rogersbh.org or 262-646-1303 to report any issues.

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