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Compliance Committee provides oversight of the quality, safety of Rogers’ care

05/21/21 10:55:am

The Regulatory Compliance Department benefits from a Compliance Committee, which is part of the Rogers Behavioral Health System Board of Directors.

The Compliance Committee meets quarterly to review the department’s program plan and offer oversight of the quality and safe care that we provide.

“Their careful and thoughtful review of all 12 elements of our program helps us continuously improve and provide an effective program,” says Maeve O’Neill, MEd. “We are fortunate to have a Board of Directors who value and appreciate our function in the heavily regulated environment we work in.”

Rogers’ Compliance Department is designed to address our risk areas to ensure we meet all rules governing patient care, and board governance oversight is an essential element of our program success. Standards and processes under governance include our code of conduct, policies and procedures, education and training, mock surveys, audits, and corrective action plans to address any non-compliance.

The team is grateful to support the Rogers mission and vision by contributing to the culture and environment that protect the organization and all those we serve.

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