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Unexpected gift from Foundation allows weekend with son without worry

05/03/17 03:31:am

logan.jpgThe following letter to the Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation shows how much families appreciate what we do to help them, and it also reveals the strain many face when their loved ones are in distress.

Dear Rogers Foundation,  

I just wanted to thank you for the generous donation of $400 for travel expenses. It was completely unexpected and caught us off guard, so I didn’t get the chance to appropriately express just how much it means to us and how grateful we are. We are beyond touched.

It’s been a tough year, to say the least. One year ago next month our world was rocked. Our son who was a busy, independent 13 year old that was making good grades, babysat his siblings regularly, participated in travel hockey, who loved his friends, fishing, playing outside and going to school, was not the same child. He couldn’t be home alone. He couldn’t shower or dress independently. He became isolated, avoided school, his grades suffered, as did his relationships and his happiness. He began all of these strange behaviors we didn’t understand. We had never given OCD a second thought until suddenly we were in a crash course, learning on the fly. We were in over our heads. 

Admitting Logan into Rogers last October was by far the hardest decision I have ever made, but also the best. I wanted help for Logan, but sending him so far away and putting him in the hands of strangers when he was so fragile was terrifying. 

It was also hard when considering the impact this decision would have on our entire family. Because of the time and money it would take to travel back and forth, I knew we would all feel it. Logan’s brother and sister would have to forego their activities, their weekends, and many school days which they would have to make up, parties, playdates and more. But mostly, we would all miss having Logan home. We wouldn’t have our traditions (and in some cases we wouldn’t be together) for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Logan’s birthday, Christmas and New Year’s. It would also be a challenge explaining Logan’s absence and our time away to friends, family, colleagues and others when it was tough for us to even wrap our heads around it. 

The financial end has been scary for us. We live on a modest one-income budget. Since I hold the insurance and with child care costs what they are it didn’t payoff for my husband, Matt, to work. But last year, with all three kids in school, Matt was excited to get back at it, and he started up his own company. Unfortunately, with Logan’s issues leading up to Rogers and the time off required to visit regularly once he was here, it’s been a struggle. We have a supportive family that has been here to help out when they can. Unfortunately, my sister has moved out of state, and we’ve had some serious health issues in the family. Those who would normally give us a hand, even just keeping our younger ones, haven’t really been able to do so. Most of our trips have had to include all of us, sometimes even with the dog! 

With all this said, we knew Rogers was where he needed to be. And now, months later, we know with certainty that it’s worth it all and more. It's been a hard year, but we've received so much support from so many people, including all of you. I really feel like Rogers is a place of miracles. You are giving me my son back!! You have something very special happening in Oconomowoc and we are blessed to be a part of it.

This gift is more appreciated than you know. Not only will it provide for our visit this weekend but it’s giving us an even bigger gift…the chance to spend the weekend with Logan focused on his treatment and our family without the worry of how we will come up with the money or what we will have to go without this month to cover it.  

Please share this with anyone who had a part in this gift, as I really want to pass along our gratitude.  

Many thanks,


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