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Transition from residential to partial hospitalization care helps create long-term recovery for former patient

08/25/20 09:59:am

Kathryn was able to find life-changing relief from severe OCD symptoms through Rogers’ OCD and Anxiety residential care in Oconomowoc and our partial hospitalization care in the San Francisco East Bay clinic.

Prior to coming to Rogers, her extracurricular activities, friendships, and bonds with her own family had fallen to the wayside due to compulsions and obsessions with schoolwork. Looking back, Kathryn finds it difficult to think about this time because she’s “in such a different place now” – which she attributes to Rogers’ treatment and support.

“Rogers did a great job of making its patients feel very welcome,” she says. “Instantly my treatment team made sure I was comfortable and made sure I was setup for success.”

While at Rogers, Kathryn was also diagnosed with social anxiety and depression. Through hard work in our residential care, she was able to find relief from her symptoms and eventually returned home. A few months following discharge, when some of her symptoms were returning, Kathryn was able to attend the partial hospitalization program in the newly opened San Francisco East Bay clinic, exemplifying the importance of the continuum of care that Rogers offers.

“It was great that I could access treatment from home and still experience day-to-day life in a place that was familiar,” she says.

Kathryn says that she was recently looking back on the things that she would rate as being the most anxiety-provoking in treatment, but noted that she now does these every day, “easily with little to no anxiety.”

She now hopes to become a clinical psychologist so that she can help other kids and teens who are fighting similar challenges. Additionally, she has created a profile on Instagram to help raise awareness of OCD and show people that it’s possible to overcome it.

Reflecting on this, her mother adds: “This is a lifelong disorder that she fights every day, and the fact that she does that and advocates for others is such a testament to her and who she is.”

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