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Tampa care team helps patient realize there’s no shame in receiving help

11/25/20 10:51:am

thanks.jpgA former patient of Rogers’ OCD and Anxiety child and adolescent care in Tampa faced a lot of stigma in her struggle, but the compassionate care she received at Rogers was crucial in helping her rise above.

“As I progressed through Rogers, I found nothing but empathy in both the patients and the behavioral specialists,” she says.

Looking back, she describes coming to Rogers as one of the best decisions she has ever made.

"Beside those decisions regarding my Christian faith, my decision to go to Rogers and receive treatment for OCD is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life,” she says. “I never had to explain my appearance or emotional instability and then wait for a perception totally discordant with the reality of OCD. I am a young lady, deserving of beautiful things. I have OCD. It won’t go away, but I know I can manage this illness and hold my head high through stigma.”

Sumire Joseph, a behavioral specialist in Tampa and member of the patient’s care team noted that they are often “So focused on how I can help my patients that I easily overlook how they can help me as well.”

“She truly helped me to see the process of treatment and recovery in a different light,” Sumire says. “The spirit of gratitude she exuded daily was inspirational, her positivity was contagious, and her authenticity was admirable. While these qualities were present within her from the moment she entered the doors at Rogers, I could tell that she was struggling deeply with feelings of guilt and shame.”

“Her OCD was casting a thick fog over her true self but once Sarah got the hang of treatment and gave it her all, the fog slowly began to fade revealing a unique and daring personality that impacted anyone she came into contact with in the clinic. It was no surprise when she successfully completed the program, and it is no surprise now that she is still so successful with managing her OCD. Her journey at Rogers serves as a great example of how life is worth living in spite of the challenges individuals with OCD and anxiety face daily.”

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