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Rogers doctors go above and beyond in response to pandemic

06/26/20 11:38:am

Rogers’ care teams have been demonstrating exemplary compassion and resilience to the challenges we all face during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three doctors in particular have been recognized through the internal Healthcare Heroes page for the work that they’ve done both within Rogers and going the extra mile in their own free time.

Narissa Etwaroo, MD, adult and addiction psychiatrist in Tampa, was recognized by director of operations Heather Steiner. Heather wanted to highlight Dr. Etwaroo’s volunteer work with a physician support line for frontline medical workers treating COVID-19 who need to speak about their experiences.

“Dr. Etwaroo became aware of this through social media and immediately volunteered her time to assist with the growing call volume of physicians who needed mental health,” Heather says. “Dr. Etwaroo’s commitment to helping others and finding ways to help other professionals in need during this crisis is just one of the reasons we are so happy that she is part of the Rogers team in Tampa!"

Haiyan Wang, MD, psychiatrist in Los Angeles, was also recognized for her volunteer efforts during this time. Stephanie Eken, Regional Medical Director, wrote the healthcare hero submission for Dr. Wang, describing how she had spent her vacation arranging for PPE to be shipped to Wuhan, where she completed medical school. She also secured PPE shipments for Rogers’ inpatient and residential units and arranged for PPE and ventilators to be sent to a New York hospital.

“She is a model for all of us to follow in helping our fellow healthcare workers,” Dr. Eken says.

Patrick O’Malley, DO, medical director of primary care, southeast Wisconsin region, has worked tirelessly, especially during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis. Jessica Schield, a physician assistant in Oconomowoc, notes that he has always put others’ needs above his own and always has their backs, even going so far as to live on the Oconomowoc campus at the pandemic’s start.

“He is the frontline person,” she says. “He is examining and testing any patient at risk for COVID. He has been writing protocols, flow charts, and policies, working day and night in meetings, and communicating to all campuses the important steps to follow. He is truly a remarkable soul who has given up home life with his family to help protect and serve all of us. I can’t say enough about the gratitude and respect I have for him.”

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