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Patient finds long-term recovery after receiving treatment for co-occurring disorders

02/24/22 02:30:pm

Mental health is complex, and unfortunately there are many people who can’t immediately find answers for what it is they’re experiencing.

After receiving a diagnosis and treatment for co-occurring illnesses, Natalie says that Rogers saved her life.

“When I was first admitted, I was nearing death,” explained Natalie, who received treatment through Rogers’ Eating Disorder Recovery adult residential care. “I had never been diagnosed or treated in my hometown, and I really needed help. Rogers changed that for me. The staff not only treated my eating disorder, but my post-traumatic stress disorder as well.”

Through a combination of medication and effective, evidence-based treatment, she was able to not only find recovery, but learn skills needed for long-term recovery.

“Exposure therapy was difficult of course, but in the end gave me coping mechanisms to get me by,” Natalie said. “My psychiatrist was able to prescribe me the much-needed combination of medications that improved my depression and bipolar disorder. I can honestly say that I probably would not be here today if it weren’t for Rogers.”

Sarah Hoffman, a behavioral specialist who worked with Natalie, said it was wonderful to hear she is doing well.

“It is stories like this that make what I do worth it,” Sarah says. “I always say to my residents the work is challenging, but it is going to help you get back to living the life that you want to live. I am so happy to hear that by challenging her anxiety she has been able to live her life more freely.”

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