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Patient finds hope, understanding in Tampa ASD program

07/27/20 02:51:pm

ASDpuzzle.jpgA patient in the ASD program was not sure what to expect when she checked in for anxiety and depression, “It wasn’t easy for me” she writes. “Every day I would walk in and it was just really hard. Sometimes I cried.”

However, once treatment started, she quickly realized that the team at Rogers was there to help and support her. In particular, she mentions that behavioral specialist Jessica Andrews made a huge difference during her stay.

“While I was there Jessica helped me by typing out exposures and having a friendly smile on her face,” she says. “She knew exactly what I was going through. Even though experiencing depression and anxiety was really hard, I challenged it.”

Her discharge was a bittersweet time and she says that it was hard to say goodbye to “the amazing people who helped me overcome some really difficult things.”

“I wouldn’t go to any other place, and I wouldn’t change a thing,” she says. “I’m really grateful for all the help that I got there, and they all truly care about each patient. For anyone else going through this, just know you will get through it and you are never alone.”

Jessica, behavioral specialist, adds “Since the opening of the ASD program, I have witnessed so many inspiring journeys of people overcoming struggles and accomplishing their goals. It was a pleasure working with this patient and her family. When she first arrived at the program, she, like many, expressed fear that her symptoms may never improve. This did not stop her from pushing on and giving all of her efforts to the treatment. It was amazing to see her transformation through growing and finding the strength to challenge her anxiety and take back control. I am so happy that she and her family found success in the program and feel honored to have been a part of their journey.”

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