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Past patients share gratitude, joy after care at Rogers

09/09/22 01:35:pm

After a patient experiences Rogers’ highly effective mental health and addiction treatment, they are often eager to share the life-changing results with their care teams and with those who are currently struggling. While the positive feedback is always conveyed to the treatment team, this month we are featuring three recent patient experiences in “Mission moments.”

Mary, former patient in Oconomowoc, reflects on the impact of inpatient care:

mission5.jpg“I suffered from severe OCD with PTSD and was basically not living a healthy life. My therapist recommended Rogers’ inpatient program. I reluctantly accepted and will never regret that decision for a minute.

Since my time there ended, I have lived a full life without the confines of my OCD. The program they use there is amazing, and I still use the coping skills I learned there to this day. The employees care so much for you and, though the therapy is difficult, it is rewarding to watch your progress through them. I love my life now and it wouldn’t have been possible without Rogers."

Mara, former patient in Brown Deer, West Allis, and Oconomowoc, on her time at Herrington Center for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Adult Residential Care and in Trauma Recovery partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs:

“I had a very wonderful and emotional experience in the Herrington residential program and Trauma program. I learned so much and met the most wonderful employees and friends who helped me on my recovery journey and also left a lasting impact on me. I have been sober for over two years and am so grateful for my time at Herrington. I am also so grateful for my time in the Trauma program as it opened so many doors for me to recover and I am continuing that journey still today.”

Jillian, former patient in Oconomowoc and Nashville, on telehealth and OCD and Anxiety Adult Residential Care:

"At age 32, I had no idea just how much I was struggling with undiagnosed OCD. My psychiatric NP told me that reaching out to Rogers would be her next step if she or a loved one was in my position.

mission3.jpgThrough fear-infused tears, I filled out the online intake request form and waited. Within 24 hours, an intake specialist called me, and, with my partner by my side and my voice quivering, I answered the intake specialist’s questions about my activities of daily living, typical thought types and patterns, lifestyle, triggering life events, etc.

After the call, it was recommended that I start at the partial hospitalization level via telehealth in Nashville. I was shocked. Never would I have imagined myself needing intensive therapy.

Less than two weeks after the intake call, I entered the program, and that’s how my journey with Rogers began. Ultimately, I would spend 14 weeks in the PHP program, stepping up to seven weeks at OCD and Anxiety Adult Residential Care in Oconomowoc, followed by six weeks back at Nashville’s PHP telehealth, and ending with six weeks in Nashville’s intensive outpatient telehealth.

Throughout this challenging eight month period of my life, I learned about my diagnoses (obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder) and terms for the challenges I faced at this point in my life that had been building over decades and that were exacerbated by a series of highly triggering life events.

Cliché as it sounds, my treatment teams truly did save my life. I was withering away, both inside and out. I’d lost my spark. I’d lost my sense of self. I couldn’t imagine feeling content – let alone joyful or at peace like I do now."

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