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Parent of former patient updates care team on continued progress

03/21/18 02:19:pm

thankyou.jpgLetters like this remind us all of the importance of the work we all do. The father of a former OCD patient wrote to the care team in Skokie to thank and update them.

Mary and Incia,

Good morning! I wanted to let you know that (our daughter) hit another milestone and now only sees her doctor once per week. She is doing great! We're working a little bit on some outdoor stuff when weather permits, but just this weekend she took our dog for a walk and cleaned up after him on her own. She's also helping with cat litter boxes without incident.

More importantly than that, her teachers are commenting on the turn-around in her performance in school. She's happy, participates, and smiles a lot more in school now. They had some standardized testing a couple of weeks ago and her scores shot up a lot versus what she did in the fall. It's amazing how much everything has improved with her now that the OCD is pretty well starved out!

It's really amazing what you're able to accomplish there in a relatively short amount of time. In the grand scheme of things, six weeks isn't much.

Thank you,

(Patient’s father)


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