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New resources to help complete regulatory education

04/22/19 08:07:am

Talent Development has created additional resources to provide employees in order to further clarify any questions employees may have about the change from Child Adolescent Hours to Regulatory Required Continuing Education hours.

On Rogers Connect, Talent Development has created a landing page for all items related to regulatory required continuing education (RRCE) hours, which is viewable here. Some of these resources include a brief overview of regulatory required continuing education (RRCE) hours, frequently asked questions, and some printable pdf documents that can be used by employees to complete their hours.

Talent Development would like to highlight two very useful resources that employees will be able to help use when completing their hour requirements. The first resource is the regulatory required continuing education (RRCE) decision tree. The tree takes employees through a series of questions to help them gain clarity on what their specific hour requirement is. It can be downloaded from the intranet here.

The second resource is the crosswalk document that will inform employees based on the service line and department how many hours they need to complete. This can be downloaded from the intranet here.

Talent Development has also created an eLearning course that has been assigned to all clinical employees as a part of annual training for 2019. This will walk through all these resources and will go over the topic as a whole regarding what is regulatory required continuing education (RRCE) hours and why/how does it apply to them, and what employees can do to earn hours.

As always, don’t wait to start accumulating hours. Completing annual hour requirements based on service line is a condition of employment at Rogers. We must ensure that we are compliant with the regulations that dictate the hour requirements, because if even one employee is not in compliance, our organization may be at risk for citations, fines, or other penalties. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your manager or Talent Development at talentdevelopment@rogersbh.org or call 414-539-3060 or extension 3060.

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