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RIE for regulatory required continuing education simplifies the process and adds opportunities

01/16/19 01:37:pm

We’ve listened to your feedback, and Rogers is responding. After a recent Rapid Improvement Event (RIE), Rogers is making changes to allow employees who need to complete regulatory required continuing education (RRCE) hours to do so more easily—and with additional opportunities.

In December, an RIE team analyzed our approach to regulatory requirements. One of the findings was an absence of regulatory language, under any of our licenses, that require all hours completed by staff to provide child and/or adolescent (C/A) content. So, the C/A stipulations have been removed and renamed from Child and Adolescent Hours to RRCE (Regulatory Required Continuing Education).

“By removing the child and adolescent requisite, we’re able to make it much easier for staff to complete hours from sources that weren’t options before,” says Mary McLaughlin, manager of Talent Development. “In the past you may have completed a course or in-service that contained little or no content pertaining to children or adolescents; in that instance, only a small portion of the time spent could be credited to you. Now, you’ll be given full credit for the time spent.”

How to earn hours

Rogers employees are now empowered to make their own suggestions about their learning. Talent Development will consider submission of hours for learning opportunities that employees may identify on their own, such as learning events in the community. Talent Development will be also be reviewing all existing classroom and eLearning modules to adjust the number of hours that can be credited, based on content and duration. In addition to more learning opportunities, Rogers is now tracking hours based on calendar year rather than fiscal year.

Watch for more information and new courses

Talent Development is always working to create new learning opportunities, so please continue to review monthly training announcements for new courses and watch for new learning opportunities later this year.

But don’t wait to start accumulating hours. Completing annual hour requirements based on line of service is a condition of employment at Rogers. We must ensure that we are compliant with the regulations that dictate the hour requirements, because if even one employee is not in compliance, our organization may be at risk for citation, fines, or other penalties. Employees can check the number of hours they’ve accumulated at any time on Rogers’ learning management system, NetLearning. Be sure to talk with your manager if you have any questions about these changes.

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