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NetLearning courses converted for RRCE update, more resources available

03/21/19 09:18:am

As announced in January, employees have a more simplified process and additional opportunities to meet their regulatory requirements for continuing education. These regulatory required continuing education (RRCE) hours were formerly known as “Child Adolescent Hours.” With the removal of this term, we were able to expand the number of class and courses offerings that employees could complete to meet this requirement. If you would like to review the article from January you may click here

Talent Development has officially converted all courses in the Learning Management System (LMS/NetLearning) to reflect the RRCE term for hour requirements. If you would like to know how many RRCE hours you have completed during the calendar year so far you can click here for a step by step guide.

In addition, we have been able to provide additional resources to help employees determine how many regulatory required hours they need to complete. Employees can review a crosswalk document that shows each line of service and the hour requirements that are associated with them, click here to determine how many RRCE hours you need for this calendar year based on your line of service. In the next month, there will be additional resources provided that include an updated policy, an eLearning course in the LMS that employees can complete to make sure they understand how many hours they need for the calendar year, and additional documents to further clarify any questions employees may have.

As always, don’t wait to start accumulating hours. Completing annual hour requirements based on line of service is a condition of employment at Rogers. We must ensure that we are compliant with the regulations that dictate the hour requirements, because if even one employee is not in compliance, our organization may be at risk for citation, fines, or other penalties. If you have any questions about any of these questions feel free to reach out to your manager or Talent Development at talentdevelopment@rogersbh.org or call 414-539-3060 or extension 3060.

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