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Looking back on one year of Daymaker

06/20/18 02:49:pm

Can you believe it’s already been a year that Rogers has been using the Daymaker recognition program?

Let’s take a look back on the past year to see how much of an impact Daymaker has had.

In the course of the year, more than 13,000 recognitions have been given out by managers and co-workers who logged in 11,000 times. Nearly 858,300 points have been distributed for use in the shop.

Through Daymaker, people are able to recognize other members of the Rogers team with various badges and a public message. Everyone who earns a recognition is then placed into a random drawing to win points, which can be spent online on electronics, apparel, home goods, movie tickets, and more. Mandy Isaacson, employee health coordinator, recommends people shop on Wednesday when the shop runs deals.


Points can also be earned by participating in the Thrive wellness program. For June and July, people are encouraged to create their own wellness challenge by creating a team with at least two other co-workers. Challenges should last at least one week and after providing proof of participation, you can earn 10 points per week. Some of the suggested ideas for activities include drinking 64oz of water a day, taking a walk at lunch, and eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Full details can be found on Rogers Connect.

Those with questions about Daymaker can email Mandy at Amanda.isaacson@rogershospital.org. Login issues can be directed to daymaker@biworldwide.com.

Along with the website, Daymaker can also be used on mobile devices by utilizing the EZ Thanks app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

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