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EZ Thanks app makes it easier to recognize hard-working co-workers

01/18/18 02:23:pm

Rogers Daymaker is an excellent way to recognize a co-worker’s efforts and work ethic, but not all Rogers’ team members are able to jump on a computer to use it. However, thanks to the EZ Thanks App, people are now able to send recognition and congratulations from their phones while on the go.

“We all are busy during the day that we often go home and wish we would have said thanks to a co-worker for helping us out,” says employee health coordinator, Amanda Isaacson. Now we can send a thank you via the EZ Thanks app so we don’t forget the following day. It’s so EZ!”

EZ Thanks is available on both iPhones and Android devices and offers an alternative method of using Daymaker and Thrive for recognition and recording healthy activities to earn points. First-time users will still need to log into the app on a computer the first time (instructions/credentials can be found in employee email inboxes) but after that, many find it easier to open the app during their breaks or after work hours.

Directions on how to download and use the EZ Thanks app can be found on the intranet. Those with questions about Daymaker and the EZ Thanks app can reach out to Amanda Isaacson at Amanda.isaacson@rogershospital.org. Technical issues with Daymaker and the app can be directed to daymaker@biworldwide.com.

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