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Kids in Rogers OCD program create “tough day bear”

09/19/18 06:25:pm
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Patients in the child and adolescent OCD and anxiety partial hospitalization program at Rogers–Minneapolis were recently rewarded with a trip to the Mall of America, specifically to the Build-A-Bear Workshop. They used their fun day out to create something to provide encouragement for future patients.

Lauren Brooks, behavior specialist at Rogers–Minneapolis, mentioned that it would be neat to make a bear for the program, and the residents took to the idea and together created Roger the “tough day bear.”

The intention is for the bear to be passed around to whomever is having a tough day and is in need of extra support. Roger has a comforting heartbeat when hugged, and squeezing his paw plays a recording of the group saying “You are strong!”

“This was so meaningful to see as their behavioral specialist, and even though the kids think I’m being really cheesy about it, I am just so happy to see their strengths shine through. With everything they are going through, it is inspiring that they took the time to create something solely to comfort and support others.” ~Lauren Brooks, behavioral specialist 

“It was definitely one of those, “this is why I got into this field” moments; watching these kids work together to use what they have learned as well as putting their own compassion and empathy out there without any shame was incredible to see.” ~Maddie Malowney, behavioral specialist 

The patients on the unit had this to say:

“We all know how hard a tough day can really be, so we wanted to give people extra support”

“He even has a little heartbeat, which is really comforting when you hug him”

“Originally, we wanted a plain shirt to write ‘Roger’ on, but since we couldn’t find one, we decided on a Superman shirt to symbolize strength”

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