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‘I was able to take control of my life’: Taylor, former patient, shares how Rogers helped him have fun again

06/12/24 12:30:pm

Taylor, a former OCD and Anxiety patient, was excited to share how he found hope and healing at Rogers in Denver.

“I, like many others, came to Rogers at a time where there wasn’t much hope for living a life of enjoyment or anything close to it. Rogers was extremely hard work every day to help me retrain my brain and improve my quality of life.

It’s been more than a year from my first day at Rogers, and I’m doing the exact things I said were my goals when I started. If you asked the Taylor at that time if I thought it was going to be possible this soon, I would have likely said, ‘No way.’ I’m touching all the ‘dirty’ things with very little care now. I hear my voice instead of OCD’s voice when I am ‘combatting’ the intrusive thoughts.

Rogers truly gave me daily tools that I have never stopped using in so many aspects of my life and mental health. This program can truly let you live an EXTREMELY FUN life even staying in the grey:) Because of my hard work plus Rogers’ guidance, I was able to take control of my life.”

Taylor’s treatment team recalls his willingness to put in a lot of hard work.

Emily therapist.jpg“What I remember most about Taylor was his willingness to challenge OCD and put the hard work in! OCD had taken so much from Taylor when he admitted to PHP, and it was so obvious that he was determined to get all those aspects back. It was a pleasure seeing him turn into his own ERP coach and start coming up with additional exposures to work on while in IOP. I learned how important willingness is from Taylor. When he first admitted to PHP, it was no secret that I continued to encourage a higher level of care because of the time he was spending engaging in compulsions outside of programming. However, Taylor was determined to reach his goals at a PHP level of care, and boy, did he prove me wrong. He continued to show up, have the difficult conversations, and do the hard work. As his testimony states, he is keeping up with all of it and is now living life for himself, not for what OCD wants! His submission reaffirms how impactful OCD treatment is, especially when you are willing to put in the work and keep it up, even when you don’t have a therapist instructing you every step of the way.” ~ Emily Vinych, therapist

Tessa Jones, therapist.jpg“I remember the first days Taylor was at Rogers. He felt trapped by his OCD and desperately wanted to get help. I remember him showing up each and every day motivated and willing to challenge his OCD, even when it felt overwhelming and scary. Taylor was able to make tremendous progress in his time at Rogers and he is a changed person. He has taken control of his life and is living a life he had dreamed about. Although OCD still tries to sneak back in at times, he knows how to handle it and address it early and often to ensure he’s able to stay on the course of recovery. He’s a true inspiration. I learned how debilitating OCD can be and that Rogers is such an important piece for a patient’s recovery. Through my work with Taylor, I’ve learned how to be more compassionate toward people suffering with OCD, while also instilling a sense of hope to others who are in different stages of recovery.” ~ Tessa Jones, therapist

Do you know a patient who had a positive experience?

We love to hear about and share positive patient experiences. If you know a patient who had a positive experience with Rogers and would like to share their story, please direct them to the Share Your Rogers Experience form on our website. Additionally, if they want to participate in advocacy, they can fill out our Advocacy form. A member of the Marketing team will reach out to explore ways of sharing their story and connect them with the treatment team for advocacy opportunities. Please note Rogers’ policies state a patient must be at least 18 years of age and be out of treatment for at least six months.

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