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How staff eased one former patient's fears upon discharge

06/17/19 10:40:am

A former patient recently shared her experience with the often-daunting task of discharging from treatment and how one member of our staff encouraged and comforted her during that difficult time of transition.

"Upon discharge from Rogers, as I cried about how I would survive in the 'real world,' a staff member reminded me – 'It's not about the labels. It's about resilience, strength, and being your best self.'"

These words of wisdom not only helped the patient with her apprehensions about life after treatment, but also inspired a lasting determination to rise above life's challenges.

"I rise above every time I remember that I am more than my labels or their stigma – I am my unending grit and bravery and willingness. I am enough, but I can also strive to be better. I am now able to talk about my struggles without fear, and hopefully empower others to do the same. I am grateful to have been a patient at Rogers, but they showed me that I am so much more."

Members of the Rogers team were not just crucial to this patient's success during her treatment. In fact, their positive impact will last for years to come.

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