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How Rogers’ welcoming, caring staff changed one former patient’s outlook

10/19/21 02:45:pm

mission3.jpg"I came in with a negative attitude,” said a former patient in Oconomowoc’s Mental Health Recovery adult inpatient care program. “Scared and angry. I felt very alone and ashamed.”

Their initial apprehension quickly dissipated, as the welcoming and caring attitude of Rogers’ care team—and other patients—helped to completely change their mind.

“The amount of support and respect I felt from each and every individual I came in contact with was phenomenal,” they said. “The staff really knows how to put things into perspective while also allowing the patients to openly discuss their thoughts on each subject. I left feeling as though I really had a good grasp on what to do next. My attitude toward life in general has really changed, and I am grateful for my time at Rogers."

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