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‘He’s got a huge heart’: West Allis nurse honored with DAISY award

02/15/24 02:30:pm

With a patient writing they owe their life to him, Alex Rolph is being recognized with a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

DAISY 2.JPGA registered nurse in inpatient care in West Allis, Alex was honored January 23 at an award ceremony in West Allis also broadcast over Teams. Coworkers credited him for his warmth, patient advocacy and deep compassion.

The patient who nominated Alex said they arrived experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox. They added that Alex worked closely with a doctor, who safely found the right dose of medication.

“Alex referred to it as a recipe and adding spice. Too much spice, the food was ruined, so he added a little at time,” the patient wrote in the nomination. “I believe had he not given me the personal and acute attention I needed, I would have had a potential life‐threatening event or even death. I would appreciate you acknowledging him and his efforts to save me. I feel I owe him my life.”

A recently retired nurse herself, Alex’s mother expressed her pride at the ceremony, saying little did she know her son would follow in her footsteps.

DAISY 1.JPG“He’s got a huge heart,” she said. “I just couldn’t be prouder.”

At the ceremony, Alex thanked his coworkers and his patients.

“Everyone wants to see each other succeed,” he said. “It’s really, really nice to see that.”

This is the fifth time Rogers has bestowed a DAISY award. The international recognition program celebrates skillful, compassionate care by nurses who demonstrate acts of kindness and sensitivity and exemplify empathy and integrity.

Congratulations to all the nominees

For a total of 27 submissions, 21 nurses received nominations – some more than one. That includes Melissa McBride, a registered nurse working in a residential program in Oconomowoc. Melissa received a total of four nominations, including from a person who highlighted Melissa’s calm and compassionate demeaner when a resident out on a pass with her father refused to come back.

“Melissa was able to work with the resident and supported them to make the decision to come back on their own,” the nominator wrote, adding that Melissa stayed to make other staff members feel safe and supported taking over care. “This is just one example of the amazing work she does every day with our residents.”

Coming in third place, Lea Fleischman, a registered nurse in West Allis’s inpatient program, is also being recognized for her exceptional care of patients.

The patient who nominated Lea noted her going above and beyond, always putting patients first, helping them find humor, and even coming in days she doesn’t have to.

“When I first met Lea, I was in a very bad mental state. Lea made sure that I was not only physically safe and mentally OK, but also made sure I felt comfortable. When I didn’t feel safe with myself, she made sure to keep me honest and calm,” the patient wrote in the nomination. “When I told her I felt lonely, unimportant and unloved, she managed to show me my worth and gave me hope in myself and my life too."



Nominate a nurse for a future DAISY award

Rogers is among more than 5,000 healthcare organizations and schools of nursing worldwide that are committed to honoring exemplary nurses through the DAISY Award program.

Nurses are nominated by anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care: current and former patients, family members, fellow nurses, physicians, clinicians, and other employees.

Winners will be selected throughout the year by an internal committee of 17 members from various disciplines at Rogers. Employee names, locations, and programs are removed from the nomination. The committee is asked to vote for their top five, and a re-vote is taken, if necessary, to narrow down the top three.

The next round of nominations are open now. Nominations, including a detailed account of why the nurse is deserving of the honor, may be submitted at rogersbh.org/DAISY.

Visit www.daisyfoundation.org or watch a video to learn more about the DAISY Award.

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