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‘Going saved my life:’ Patient finds recovery at Rogers after suicide attempt

11/23/21 12:35:pm

Mental health is something that Stephanie struggled with her entire life. After a few years of being in and out of therapy, her depression worsened. Looking back, she says that she was “making a lot of bad decisions” and “spiraling out of control,” which led to a suicide attempt.

In order to be released from her 72-hour hold, she had to agree to attend Rogers’ partial hospitalization program in Appleton.

“I did not want to go, and yet—going saved my life,” Stephanie says.

“I recall Stephanie being a little scared when she arrived, yet she was so willing to take a chance and challenge herself to fully engage in treatment to improve her life,” says Laura John, clinical supervisor at Appleton and Stephanie’s primary therapist. “Stephanie was open to learning about her depression and worked diligently on accepting it. Most importantly, she arrived believing she was capable of making the necessary changes to live the life she deserved.”

Hear more about Stephanie’s journey in the video above.

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