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Former Philadelphia OCD and Anxiety patients share how Rogers’ compassionate care changed their lives

06/14/23 04:30:pm

My therapist was incredibly compassionate and gentle, while also pushing me further than I thought possible to do with the hard exposure work. She deeply understood my own personal OCD and the best ways to attack it. She also was able to deeply connect with me as a person in a way that built trust and motivation. I began treatment at Rogers severely debilitated and completely hopeless and working with my therapist completely turned my life around. The supportive and uplifting environment in sharing the experience with an incredible group of others also fighting their OCD and anxiety was key to my recovery as well. Through Rogers’ group meetings and socials, our cohort was able to build a level of camaraderie and support unlike any I’ve experienced before. Our experience at Rogers formed lifelong friendships that still aid in our recovery to this day." – former patient, Rachael M.

“My therapist’s help is the reason I was able to succeed in this program. She was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile in helping me get better. Because of her, my life is forever changed for the better, and I have confidence in my ability to move forward. Individual and group sessions were both valuable and helpful. I learned a lot of very relevant skills. _Rogers saves lives!” – former patient, Laura E.

“The therapists and nurses were very nice, understanding, empathetic, and knowledgeable about my condition and treatment needs. It was very helpful to have a therapist five days a week checking up on me and helping me do challenging exposures, especially towards the beginning of treatment. The therapists were always willing to spend a few extra minutes with me if I needed it. My quality of life has substantially improved from when I started treatment. I now find life more enjoyable, and I am better able to live according to my values.” – former patient, Michael S.

Murphy.jpg“It’s really heartwarming to get that kind of feedback that someone has their life back,” says Tiffany Murphy, who was Michael’s therapist. “Michael entered the program extremely willing and motivated to do the work. He worked through most of his exposure hierarchy and did it with a smile on his face even though it was challenging. It’s an honor to be able to help our patients regain their lives. We see people come in and they’re suffering, and it’s a blessing to be part of their journey of healing.”

Kerr.jpgPeggy Kerr, therapist in Philadelphia, also worked with Michael.

“Michael was such a joy to work with,” says Peggy. “He was dedicated to his OCD recovery and always willing to give his full effort. I remember him having such a positive attitude, as well as a kind and sincere nature that made others around him feel comfortable. I’m so happy to hear that he’s been doing well and continued to progress after his time here!”

Beth Reeder, PhD, Philadelphia clinical supervisor, says she’s proud of the team and the work they do with patients.

“Our focus is not restoring our patients to previous functioning but helping to promote them to superior functioning by recognizing and building on their existing strengths and resources,” says Dr. Reeder. “Both Rachael and Laura came to us determined to get better and they showed up each day with undeniable grit and drive. They partnered with their therapists by collaborating on treatment assignments and challenging themselves to approach rather than avoid natural exposures. As a team, we could not be happier to hear about their continued success.”

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