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Former patient’s skills from Rogers keep her on the path to recovery

10/28/20 10:36:am

Meg struggled with her mental health throughout childhood, but beginning college was especially difficult for her. After admitting to a hospital for her eating disorder and self-harming, her therapist suggested going to Rogers Behavioral Health for more intensive treatment, and Meg eventually admitted to our Focus Depression Recovery adult residential care.

When she arrived, Meg found Rogers to be different than some of the other treatment facilities she had been to previously, but the main thing that stuck out to her was the people at Rogers.

“I really felt like they cared about me as a unique person with unique struggles and unique challenges—but also unique strengths,” Meg says. “I remember that my behavioral specialist would take me on walks around the grounds. Rogers has a beautiful garden and she would take me there and we would just walk and talk and I was really able to process through things in a way I hadn’t been able to do before because she really took the time to understand what I needed and how she could make it a positive experience for me. I hadn’t experienced this above and beyond caring from other mental health professionals before.”

Meg was asked to create a life vision board while at Rogers. Watch the video above to hear Meg describe the power that her vision board had on her recovery.

Sydney Zettler, a therapist who was part of Meg’s care teams says that “I’m so glad to hear that Meg continues to walk on the path of recovery. It’s not an easy journey and she has worked hard. In the video I see that Meg has returned to her skills time and time again, which has really increased her sense of self efficacy. Meg is and always has been a bright and capable human being. She sought out help at Rogers in order to learn and practice the tools she needed to rediscover those strengths and create her life worth living. We are so happy she did.”

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