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Former patient’s persistence matched by care team’s support

04/27/20 02:26:pm

No one’s mental health journey is the same. Some may find the right fit with traditional outpatient care, while others may have to work at it for years to get where they want to be.

Victoria, a former Rogers patient, found herself returning to Rogers multiple times at different levels of care and locations. Even though she needed to come back, our care team never made her feel like she had failed in some way, and their reaction to her return played a big role in her successful treatment.

"While I was not the ultimate success story with my first, second or even third stay—I will always be grateful for Rogers and especially the staff, who many I will never forget. With each stay, I felt the welcomed back—not as a failure—but as a hurt soul who needed a little extra support at that time. Each time I left, I left stronger than I was the time before, until my last stay a few years ago, and I was strong enough to tell myself that I was not going to come back-and I have not. With Rogers’ support, I was able to push on when I truly wanted to give up-which led me to going back to school, working and getting married.”

She now works full-time in the mental health field, is attending college, teaches yoga, and is raising a family.

Dr. Kevin Kuntz, adult psychiatrist in Madison, was part of the patient’s care team and says, “Victoria’s message is central to the Rogers’ mission: there is always hope. Hope for recovery, but also hope for long-term change and wellbeing. I always tell patients that we don’t expect perfection, but look for progress. It takes time, effort, and a team of people, but we can find a way. It is very gratifying to hear she has found the way.”

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