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Former patient thanks Silver Lake care team for helping them “live the life I always dreamed of living”

12/17/18 09:26:am

Our care teams spend a lot of time with parents due to the higher level of care that we offer. This leads to members of our team often wondering how former patients are doing when they move on to a lower level of care.

“We often think about how people are doing after they leave and hope that they are continuing to work towards their goals, face their fears head on, and are applying the skills that they learned in treatment,” Elizabeth Erickson, MSW, and Melissa Ptacek, LPC, comment.

Through emails, reviews, and letters, treatment teams will occasionally receive notes of thanks. A former patient from our PHP and IOP for OCD who received care from Elizabeth and Melissa shared their experience with us through the Share your Rogers experience form on our website, writing:

“My experience with Rogers was excellent. I discharged with 89% of my hierarchy complete. The program was so helpful for me and I am thankful I did it. Before I started the program, I was really struggling with my OCD to the point I was scared to leave my house and had to create tunnel vision driving. I had a fear of people smoking and then having that smell on me. My OCD went further than that though, for around 8 to 9 years, I struggled with disgust OCD. I was disgusted by bathrooms, floors and my mom and her house (sadly). I coped with these things though thinking it was how I was going to live the rest of my life because that is what I knew. After discharging from Rogers, I learned I do not need to leave my life in disgust of those things and feel so much better about them and about smoke. I send out a heartfelt thank you to the BS and everyone at Rogers Silverlake Outpatient Center in Oconomowoc for helping me to live the life I always dreamed of living.”

“We aren’t surprised to hear that she is doing so well,” says Elizabeth and Melissa. “She worked very hard in program and was willing to give our recommendations a try, even when she was skeptical of whether they would work. The treatment is so counter-intuitive that it really does require trust in the process. She did just that and is a great example of how change is truly possible. We hope that her story is able to inspire and give hope to others who are just starting treatment or struggling with where they are in their own process. Keep up the good work!”

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