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Former patient thanks care team for the skills that led to long-term recovery

09/17/19 04:37:pm

A key component of Rogers treatment is to teach skills that not only help someone overcome current mental health struggles but continue to help them rise above these issues for a lifetime.

A former patient from our Eating Disorder residential care recently wrote in to thank Rogers for helping provide the tools she needed for recovery.

“Today I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to be treated at Rogers. In my junior year of college, I had an eating disorder that was taking over my life. I had been overweight in my sophomore year of college, but due to the impact of a traumatic event that I experienced, I became depressed and anxious. I used my eating disorder to control the uncontrollable and I lost a significant amount of weight. While I looked better on the outside for a while, my life was slowly falling apart until my family and therapist referred me to the residential program at Rogers. It was there that I realized I had a choice to be healthy. It was there that I was given the tools and developed the skills to choose to be healthy. I have been in recovery for years now. I completed college, graduated from graduate school three times and will graduate in May 2020 with my PhD. I have three beautiful children and my life brings me much happiness. I am forever grateful for the treatment I received, and I believe my success is tied directly to your services.”

Dr. Nick Farrell, PhD, was thankful to see the heartwarming message and says, “Feedback like this is a welcome reminder that the good work we do during someone’s therapy pays long-term dividends. Although it is encouraging to see treatment working while someone is under our care, it is that much more fulfilling when we learn that our treatment has elicited a profound positive change in someone’s quality of life.”

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