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Former patient regains her confidence at Rogers during the pandemic

01/20/21 11:42:am

missionmoment619.jpgSome patients who come into our care at Rogers lack the ability to express or cope with their feelings in a positive way. In a recent testimony, a former patient from our Appleton clinic illustrates how Rogers helped her work through her emotions and find happiness.

“I would get so angry because I didn’t understand why a person could feel so hurt and so anxious all the time,” she shares. “But Rogers taught me new ways to cope and even helped me gain so much confidence in expressing myself through emotions, and in overcoming so many fears that I thought I would never be able to face. They taught me how to go towards those fears to regain the happiness that I once had. I can’t thank the Appleton team or my therapist Maria enough for pushing me and helping me regain the confidence I once had in myself.”

Maria Recker, behavioral specialist in Appleton says, “Seeing what she wrote makes my heart happy. She joined our program the day before we unexpectedly started doing teletherapy, so there were a lot of challenges as we all learned how to navigate this new type of treatment. It is so great to see that despite the changes in how we provide care, we can still deliver quality treatment and help people grow. The patient was very determined from the beginning and willing to try the uncomfortable things we were asking of her, and it really paid off in everything she has accomplished since.”

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